Posted on: December 8, 2008 9:02 pm
Edited on: October 6, 2009 3:44 pm

the state of the raider nation

     I hate to say it my friends but now days the only thing scarry about the black hole is thats where the Raiders live it seems every time we get someone to help us out of this vortex of doom they are blindsided by some blunt object our now senile leader somehow gets his hands on. it seems like al davis forgets who he hires and why he hires them he has driven away the best coaches we have had because of the way they run the team, I know it's because of tradition just look at this teams past he has hired and fired some of the best coaches in leage history just ask him he'll tell you the same. The problem is in the past he let his coaches establish their personalitys and will into the team and now he pushes them off the cliff as soon as that will and personality starts to show.

    Thats enough about al, what about the players I mean do we have any I'm strting to think that we need our best players to play ironman football and we still wouldn't have enough players to put on the field I can't watch a highlight let alone a game without yelling at my TV even the good highlights and it all boils down to discipline and they have none just ask asomugha he has been saying it for a while now and boy did he sound off this week after that showing they had thursday he was talking about how bad it was and how their not even close to being close to thinking about competeing with the good teams in this league and thats just on  defence which just so happens to be the best thing going for this team and please everyone stop letting these guys off the hook with its the play calling IT'S NOT THE PLAYCALLING although that hasn't been any good either but if you call a bad play and the players can't do that right what would happen on a great playcall. I remenber just a few weeks ago when Lane Kiffin was fired some of our fans were complaining about how he runs a play till the team gets it right and how cable wasn't going to do that well since then we been blown out several times and asomugha has had a couple post game interviews that are quite disturbing for us fans.

     Then theres JaMarcus Russell I know I know he's is a second year rookie well don't get me wrong but he is alot further behind then he should be and its his own fault after the game thusday i heard the panel laughing about how he missed the production meeting after he was called for being late he said he would be there but still he missed it anyway and he's the future of this franchise I just hope he grows up and fast cause somtimes your a leader rather you know it or not most of the nation already know what Im saying if you are an older sibling you are a leader if you join a gang then even if you tell your little brother not to he's thinking hey you did it so it must be ok it works the same with a football team ask the bengals they cant pay to keep their players out of trouble jamarcus is the new face of this franchise and as he goes so goes the raiders if he works hard his teamates will work hard if he skips meeting so to will his brothers in that lockeroom. Sorry fellow fans but he has a few more years to catch-up with the rookies we've seen come out this season no matter what we do in the draft and its because of his work ethic and the lack of discipline he has shown you can say hes young and he just needs time but  this team cant afford to wait for him to grow-up or risk him having a negative influance on our other players. I'm not saying get rid of him just make sure he gets punished for his actions so that the other players know that they have to be responsible for their own actions.


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